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Diagnosing The Workplace

Diagnosing The Workplace is available wherever you get your podcasts. Just do an Artist search for Roman 3.

Join the Roman 3 team as we discuss issues affecting your workplace such as:

  • Quiet Quitting
  • Psychological Safety
  • Belonging At Work
  • Work From Home
  • Inclusion vs Integration
  • Workplace Culture
  • And Much More…

New episodes of Diagnosing The Workplace will be launched every second Wednesday with the full video version available on our YouTube Channel the following week!

Listen To Our Previous Episodes Below:

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Episode 8 - Are Most Workplaces Successfully Creating Inclusion?
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Episode 7: What do Businesses Need to Know About the Labor Market?
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Episode 6: Can We Fix Talent Attraction and Burnout With PTO?
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Episode 5: What Is The Role Of Labour Unions In 2022?
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Episode 4: Work From Home (WFH): The Problem or The Solution?
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Episode 3: What does belonging in the workplace actually mean?
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Episode 2: How do you build Psychological Safety?
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Episode 1: What is "Quiet Quitting" and why its important to talk about?

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