Customized Training

Training That Meets Your Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to professional development training.  We conduct a free needs assessment to find out what your Professional Development goals are and craft a training schedule designed to meet your stated goals. 

Training to fit your needs and your goals.

Pair our customized training with either group or one-on-one facilitated implementation sessions. You will receive expert instruction not only on what to do but how it can be applied to your specific situation. 

Areas of Focus

At Roman 3 we specialize in helping individuals and organizations create inclusive, productive, and profitable workplaces.  Our training programs are customized to your unique needs, however, all training falls under our 4 Focus Areas.

Over 59% of managers report receiving no training when entering their role. ~ West Monroe (2018)


Leaders Set The Tone

The way you communicate, interact, instruct, and provide feedback all contribute to the performance and productivity of your team. Integrity Leadership is a framework that allows leaders to filter their decisions, judgment, actions, and initiatives.

Our professional coaches provide advice, observations, and feedback designed to assist leaders with developing strategies for personal improvement. 

Leaders who demonstrate integrity garner trust among their colleagues. They aren’t afraid of the truth, and they stand up for what they believe in. This, in turn, leads to loyal customers, increased profits, and highly engaged workforce.

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Integrity Leadership

We coach leaders on the domains of integrity leadership. These 5 Domains will build confidence in your ability to lead.

  • Moral Courage
  • Reliable Respect
  • Honest Acknowledgment  
  • Trustworthy Influence
  • Empowering Others

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Across the world, only 15% of managers are confident in their leader’s ability to deliver on organizational goals. ~Odgers Berndtson Leadership Confidence Index (2020)

On-Demand Training

Roman 3 Academy

At Roman 3 Academy, you can choose from dozens of on-demand courses. Every course has clearly defined outcomes, practical solutions, and activities designed to help you apply the learning immediately.  

On-Demand courses offer an easy entry point to building your management and leadership skills.