Employee Engagement is a priority of Roman 3.

We offer many training products and specialized services to support better employee engagement and improved Performance, Efficiency, and Productivity (PEP).

Our training and services could be the key to your competitive edge.

A company’s success is dependent on the people in it. If employees are not properly engaged and motivated, the business has a very expensive problem.

In order to address challenges that come with poor employee motivation and job dissatisfaction, businesses need to understand what employees require to be properly motivated and engaged.

Roman 3 Operations’ Employee Engagement Training Programs:

Employee Engagement: Increasing Motivation and Productivity

This short virtual course is a great way for businesses to learn more about the critical elements of employee engagement and identify areas that they can improve on.

Sevenfold Recognition

This single, 3 hour, team-based workshop is a great starting point for businesses who are looking to take meaningful steps to improve their workplace climate and morale.

SPECtrum: Increasing Team Performance

This single, 3 hour, team-based workshop is designed to create a better understanding of how individual strengths can improve how members work with their team, and the roles that they can take to increase team performance.

RAMP up Employee Productivity

This extended training program digs deeply into the needs and motivations of today’s employees. It will help owners and managers develop the skills and understanding needed to transform their workplace and increase the productivity of their employees.

To learn more about how our programs can help your business, please contact us at info@roman3.ca